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Website Designing is very important factor in getting your business online. A well designed website helps your customer to engage with your products or services. United Digital launched a complete web designing training for those, who wanted to make web designing as a career option. We at United Digital, covers all the latest module of web designing to make responsive website including HTML, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, Dreamweaver, and Content management system like wordpress which make easy for you to setup a website in a short span of time. This training specially designed in a manner so that a beginner can also learn and become a successful web designer. This training also helpful for those who wanted to set up their blog and choose blogging as a career.


Hyper Text Markup Language or HTML is the soul of any website. With the help of HTML/HTML5 we can set up static website in a short span of time. we teach you the latest and updated HTML Tags to create website by HTML Codes.


CSS or Cascade Style Sheet allow to to make your website more attractive with changing the layout setting and applying the color themes, fonts etc to present you website. Latest CSS3 Styles allow you to make lively websites.


Bootstrap is the latest technology which used to make responsive websites which are compatible with all the devices such as mobile, tablets, ipads, laptops and desktops, so that you don't need to make separate versions for different devices.


Dreamweaver is a product of adobe used to make website in the most easiest manner. you don't need to do the coding. you just work in designing mode and coding is written itself through software. Dreamweaver is very useful for those who ar not coding savvy.


Wordpress is the most famous Content management system (CMS) allow you to setup your website or blog in just a few clicks. Wordpress websites are easy to manage and update. They can be customize easily without any coding knowledge.

Control Panel / FTP

This module will guide you about technical terms and setting up your website and hosting on web server to make it live. We also teach you how you can manage and update your website using control panel or FTP.

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